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Carpets Buying Guide


    • Hand Knotted Craftsmanship
    • Hand Tuffed
    • Hand Hooked
    • Flat Weave: Soumaks and Kilims
    • Tapestry
    • Power Loomed
    • Custom Carpets

What to Expect From Our Rugs?

Our inventory is high quality hand knotted oriental rugs from India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, China and many other places from around the world.. Each rug in our collection is hand selected by the president of our company. We evaluate each aspect of color, material, and design before making the decision to add a rug to our inventory. If a client has a special rug in mind, custom products are also available. We also carry hand tuffed, hand hooked and power loomed rugs to match any client's budget.

Color Content

When looking at the color of an oriental rug, the composition should say something to you. Each rug has its place and not all are interchangeable. A rug with vegetable dyes will not have the same feel as a rug with non-vegetable dyes. Also, the color saturation of a carpet, depending on the desires of the weaver, can be of a consistent tone, or contain an effect known as abbrash. It is the effect created by using different dye lots of the same color, and when done correctly, gives the rug a natural look: random yet continuous.


The type of wool will also affect the look of a carpet significantly. There is semi-worsted wool and then there is wool. Semi-worsted wool yields a beautiful strand of yarn with a high sheen and a very soft feel. Regular wool is coarser and has a duller look. And the spinning method will give the rug strikingly different characteristics. Hand spun wool and machine spun wool differ very much in their look and feel. There are other methods such as Soumak and Dhurrie (Kilim) that are used as well. Each type of wool yields a different feel and can influence the overall appeal of a room.

Pattern and Design

A significant component of an oriental rug to take into consideration when buying is the design. For more than a thousand years, people have been moving back and forth between Eastern Europe and the Far East edge of Asia on what has become known as the Spice Trail. That movement has spawned the spread of countless designs and innovations in all walks of life, and the same is true with rug design.

Many designs are named after the city, tribe or region in which they first appeared. However, over the centuries those localized designs have moved around so that in our time, a rug named after a city could be manufactured in any number of places. The design gives us a history of its origin, but does not always tell us where a particular rug was made.

Designs that would be considered city rugs generally have greater detail in the design and a softer more refined look and feel. The weavers usually use wool that has a brighter sheen. The carpets also tend to have a tighter pattern with a higher knot count.

Tribal rugs typically have less detail in the design with more open spaces and basic figures and characters defining the area. The wool will normally be coarser in feel and muted in tone. Tribal rugs are generally made with a looser weave and lower knot count.

Rugs that don’t fit into one of the above mentioned categories fall into one of the following areas. Transitional rugs generally contain hints of city rug influence with natural patterns interspersed. Contemporary rugs are more open designs using natural and geometric patterns. And flatweaves tend to look more like what we consider to be a Navajo Rug.

The knotting methods, the basic symbols used, the material preparation: they have all traveled from one end to the other of the Spice Trail. And the result today is a rich cultural history that we know as an Oriental Rug.

Rug Construction

We are proud of the fact that we offer only the finest quality carpets. Each of our traditional oriental rugs are hand knotted, guaranteeing that with proper care, each of our rugs will last many generations. Our rugs will be passed on from generation to generation becoming family heirlooms.

What you can expect from us
We pride ourselves on developing open and honest relationships with our clients. We provide in-home viewings. If the rug you need cannot be found in our inventory, provide us with an idea, a picture, or a specific request and we will search the globe to find the perfect rug. If we can't find one to meet your needs, we can have one custom made to meet your specifications.